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Game Changers

I'm looking to put together a team of game-changing investors to develop a mixed-use multi-unit housing project composed of the individuals that will occupy the development. The idea is to pool together the resources of 20 people, for example, to commission a 20 unit development. These 20 people would be the very people involved making this development happen such as the lawyers, the architects, the financiers, the general contractor, the engineers, the master plumber, the HVAC contractor, the master carpenters, the laborers, etc.

I want to flip the switch on development by turning the occupants into the investors. A means for the middle class to step it up by helping themselves. The rationale is that it would cost less because profit is not the motive; ownership is and the value that comes with it.

A project like this should appeal to the city because we're not a developer who's investing in the community, we are the community investing its development. By the time construction is complete and occupancy has been granted the new neighbors are already known and a community has already built itself.

Fill out our form and let us know if you're on board and how you'd contribute.

Project Goals

Overall project goals will be set once we've assembled the investor/occupier team and conduct multiple project meetings. However, here are some of our initial design goals:

  • Net Zero or Net Positive energy use through Passive House Certification
  • Ground-level commercial space to generate income for the condo association
  • Public outdoor space at ground level
  • Private outdoor space on the roof
  • Mass Timber Framing

What do you think a project with this kind of ambition should have? Message us today with your ideas.

I Have an Idea

Architecture: MGA + DLR Group | Photo: Ema Peter