A successful project starts with a good plan. Knowing exactly how much your project will cost starts with a good set of measured drawings. This allows you to WYSIWYG your project. Take a stroll with us down the design process and build your dreams.


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The benefits of hiring a design-build firm allows our experience in construction inform our design and help manage your budget. We work very hard to design a project that can be built within your site constraints, financial constraints, as well as meeting your wants and needs.


The way we used to build and, for the most part, the way we still build blows–quite literally. With the dry cold winters and the hot summers here in New England all the energy we spend heating and cooling the air blows right out the windows, cracks in wallboards, and all the nooks and crannies we can't see or find without an  infrared camera. Even the basement walls and slab extracts the heat from the home.

Our goal is to only build to Passive House Standards or high-performance buildings. In a nutshell, Passive House Standards focus on energy conservation and building durability through constructing an air-tight and super-insulated building with high-performance windows and a well-balanced ventilation system. It's not about solar panels and carefully sourced building materials, rather it's about significantly reducing our energy demand and optimizing for human comfort and indoor air quality through simply building better.

Energy Conscious

heat loss

Pictured: an infrared image showing the temperature difference between an energy-efficient unit and the typical unit. Our single most energy consumer is the heating and cooling of the places we occupy. By replacing old windows with high-performing ones, air sealing the space or building, and increasing the insulation we can reduce our energy consumption exponentially.

As you can see in bright orange to white, 85% of the heat was escaping through the surface area of the window.  

If you're thinking of a new construction, putting on an addition, or large undertaking of your property, and don't know where to start. We can get help today for a small fee of $600.

We will assess your property for constraints set forth by the town, establish scope based on your goals, take some rough measurements of the home, and build a budget before we even begin designing.

We want to make sure you don't waste your time and money on design without knowing what the construction costs will be. Once we understand the full scope of the project we will come to 1 of 4 conclusions:

  • We can proceed with the design phase,
  • We may need to conduct the project in phases,
  • We will have to scale back on scope, or
  • We will shelve the project until you're ready, we can pick right back up where we left off

It's a small investment, but if we proceed with design and construction the fee will be returned.

No Budget, No Problem

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