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Added Value Through Partnerships

Here at Design Build Boston, we want to put our money where our mouths are. Partner with us to share a stake in the bottom line of your multi-family development in exchange for our design and construction administration services. We believe when those who perform the work have financial stake in the project they will take as much care as you have, thus adding value without cost. If we believe in your project we will gladly put up our services for a percentage of ownership or a percentage of the profits at the closing of the sale.

Designers with Construction in mind

All our design interns are required to spend time in the field so it helps ground their design from the perspective of construction. We want to push the bounds of what's possible, but we also want to remain as practical as possible.

Cut Costs

Spend more on design by hiring us as your general contractor and the designer. Using DBB as both allows us to spread the design costs into construction allowing you to focus on adding value through design instead of sacrificing design for cost.

Unbundled Services

Want to try us out on an as-needed basis. Check out our services page to buy unbundled services based on square footage and scope such as:

  • Existing conditions drawings
  • As-built drawings
  • Permit set drawings
  • Floor plans for marketing