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Arick Dyrdal, June 30 2022

Home Remodels: Five Tips to Consider Before You Begin

Home remodels can be less stressful when homeowners set themselves up for success before their project begins.  

A more spacious kitchen. An updated master bedroom. A functional family bathroom. You have dreamed about all the ways you could transform your home, and now you are finally ready for your home remodel. During such an exciting time, it can be easy to want to get your project started right away; however, taking some time to prepare in advance can help ensure your project goes smoothly. Here are five tips to consider before you begin your home remodel.  

1.   Know what you want. Home remodeling projects come with many decisions. While you will need to make dozens of choices, including materials, finishes, appliances, paint, layouts, fixtures, technology, and more, being indecisive can add time and costs to your project and even create more stress for you. Before your project begins, research trends, define your style, and determine what you like and do not like. 

 2.  Set your budget. You should never begin a project without knowing how much you are willing to spend. Costs can add up quickly, so it is critical you establish a clear budget from the start and discuss with your contractor how much room you have for flexibility. You do not want to be mid-way through your project and realize you cannot afford to continue.  

3.   Establish your timeline. Do you want to have your kitchen ready for a special event, or maybe you are hosting the holidays and want to have everything ready to go before guests arrive? If you have a specific date for your project to be completed, convey that to your contractor before you begin. They will be able to let you know if your timeline is realistic and accomplishable before it is too late to adjust. 

4.   Plan for the unexpected.   Even with a solid plan in place, home remodeling projects can be unpredictable. Unforeseen issues can arise that can affect your budget and schedule. You can help plan for the unexpected by building extra time into your project's schedule and creating a contingency budget, which will help cover unanticipated costs.  

5.  Select a quality contractor.   The best tip homeowners can implement to limit their stress and ensure their project is a success is to hire a professional. Do your research, ask for references, and interview multiple contractors to help you find the best fit. Choosing a reputable contractor will help your vision come to life while meeting your budget and scheduling needs.

Ready for your home remodel? If you are ready to begin your home remodel, Design-Build Architects is ready to help. Located in Boston, MA, Design-Build Architects was developed out of the desire to merge the design and construction teams to deliver quality projects through one collaborative team. When you choose Design-Build Architects as your contractor, you get your architect and builder in one company. From design to construction, our team is ready to help your home remodeling project come to fruition. Contact us today to find out more.  

Written by

Arick Dyrdal

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