Design isn't how it looks, it's how it works

~Steve Jobs

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Why Design Build?

Design|Build is a project delivery method that unites the architect and the contractor.

Typical projects separate the responsibility of design and construction between the architect and the contractor. The owner typically hires the architect first, once the design phase is complete the owner hires the contractor. Depending on the complexity of the project the owner might hire the architect to make site visits during the construction phase to verify and monitor the quality and accuracy of the contractor. This tends to build tension between the contractor and the architect, more often than not, it makes for a poor experience for all parties, but more importantly a poor experience for the owner.

Who are we?

Design|Build Boston was bred out of the desire to merge the design and construction teams to deliver quality and affordability to our clients while adding value. We believe a successful project begins and ends with the collaboration between all parties involved. With DBB you get your contractor and building designer as one entity. As the client you don't have to  play the middle, negotiating between two different teams, with two different intentions, on two entirely separate contracts.

We take care of everything from initial budgeting, to design, permitting, and construction.

What is architecture?

High-Performance Building

Design|Build Boston strives to take on projects that focus on energy efficiency, building durability, but most of all human comfort. We are a Certified Passive House Builder and if obtaining passive house certification isn't your end goal we still use their requirements as the standard of which to aim. Click here to learn more about Passive House.

Steve Jobs once said, "Design is not about how it looks, it's how it works!" Even though he was talking about his computers, it's still true about every area of design, especially architecture. Architecture is about how it works; it's about how  a building sits on a site and how it responds to light. It's about making space, within a place, and its interface with the populace. It's not a one size fits all, it's a discovery of the hidden sculptural.

Good design is also about being invisible–a bad design is like a loud ringing in your ear disrupting your normal day to day life. When design works the world has order and it becomes background noise, disappearing into the subconscious. When design fails the world is in chaos and exposes itself like a flasher set out to serve their hedonistic impulses with no regard for their victims.

In the name of function, the primary objective for the architectural design to work is to provide shelter. How well the building works relies on good design and that's where High-Performance Building comes in.

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